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Due to the software change you can no longer check your status through

 WAITLIST CHECK.COM. We are in the process of establishing a new way for you to check your status.

During this transition we will not be pulling any names or mailing any letters. Therefore, your placement on the list will not change.  

Please continue to check this section of our website for information on how to check your status once the new access is accessible. 

We appreciate your patience during this transition.



We are only processing requests to change the following information:

*Date of birth of head of household only

*Social Security Number of head of household only


To request to update this information do the following:

Send an email to, or fax your request to 407-359-2576. Please include your full name and social.

Be advised only the above information will be changed/updated. Any other changes to your application can be made once your application is pulled to receive assistance. You will receive a response within 30-60 days.